The Toy Bank

The Toy Industry’s Toy Donation Program

The Toy Bank

The Toy Foundation™ believes access to play delivers extraordinary physical, emotional, and educational benefits.

The Toy BankSM is The Toy Association™ members’ turnkey corporate social responsibility solution for inventory management, tradeshow service, and diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives. Since 2003, The Toy Bank has delivered the extraordinary benefits of play to more than 31.5 million children around the world!

We collect new toys, games, books, and other playthings from companies nationwide and distribute them to millions of children in need around the world. We have a network of more than 500 qualified nonprofits, NGOs, and children’s hospitals, as well as established relationships with international relief organizations and toy associations to make Toy Bank the industry’s one-stop solution.


Donate Toys

Donate Toys

Manufacturers, retailers, licensors, and distributors can deliver the benefits of play to children year-round through a product donation. We’ll pick it up, work with you to determine the best organization deliver to, and report back its impact.

How to Apply

Apply for Toys

Children’s charities, hospitals, and nonprofit organizations can join our network of toy banks to receive product throughout the year.

Our Impact

Thank You to Our Donors

In 2023, nearly 500,000 children in need had access to the joy of play thanks to the industry’s donations. Thank you to all our Toy Bank donors!

Support The Toy Bank

Calendarize your product donations and support the program’s operations through a uniquely designed corporate partnership.