Play Grants

The Toy Foundation™ believes our willingness to relieve the suffering of others defines us as individuals and an industry.

The Play Grants program is focused on delivering the extraordinary physical, emotional, and educational benefits of play to all children in need, including at children’s hospitals which serve disadvantaged communities and in response to emergency situations. We have helped improve pediatric care for 360,000 children since 2021 and impacted countless more children internationally.

To support Toy Association™ members in incorporating play into a child’s treatment plan or responding quickly to emergent situations, this program offers scalable product and monetary donation opportunities tailored for companies of all sizes to achieve a greater measurable impact together.


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Help Deliver the Power of Play to Children in Need

Donate Now

Children’s Hospital Play Grants

Playrooms, coping kits, medical play, and many more play projects have been funded to improve pediatric care. Click here to see the 2024 children’s hospital grantees.

Emergency Relief Efforts

Donate product and deliver hope and healing through play to children and families in humanitarian settings.

Our Mission Partners

We are grateful to our program partners for their collaboration and support in delivering the benefits of play to all children in need.

Our Corporate Partners

Thank you to our partners within the industry whose support plays a critical role in delivering the power of play to children in need.