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The Toy of the Year® Awards honor the “best of the best” in the toy industry. Congratulations to the 2023 TOTY Awards winners!

See the Winners

See the “Toy of the Year” and “People’s Choice” Award Winners

Action Figure of the Year

Toys that represent a person or fictional character intended for active, imaginative, and narrative-based play.

Collectible of the Year

Toys that compose a set and are designed to be collected in multiples; can include novelty playthings, miniature versions of existing lines, licensed collectibles, etc.

Construction Toy of the Year

Toys that include building as the primary play pattern

Creative Toy of the Year

Toys that allow kids to build and/or make items that are unique to them

Doll of the Year

Toys that include baby, toddler, and fashion dolls

Game of the Year

For families and children’s (ages 0-14) games including board, card, electronic or other physical game formats and puzzles, exclusive of video or app games

Grown-Up Toy of the Year

Toys and games developed primarily for grown-ups/kidults, including party games, board games, collectibles, arts and crafts and more. These toys are often fueled by fandoms, social media, and adult humor while they are not "adult toys" nor sexual in nature

Infant/Toddler Toy of the Year

Toys that are developed for ages 0-3 (0-18 months infant/18 months-3 years toddler)

License of the Year

Character or property that has had success spreading its brand through the development and merchandising of products developed from the intellectual property

Outdoor Toy of the Year

Toys that are designed for outdoor play, excluding ride-ons

Playset of the Year

Toys that are designed to work together to enact some action or event, including characters and role play

Plush Toy of the Year

Toys that are made of fabric and stuffed with soft filling, including toys with interactive or electronic features

Preschool Toy of the Year

Toys that are developed for ages 3-5

Ride-On Toy of the Year

Toys that are designed to be ridden outdoors, i.e., motorized vehicles, bicycles, scooters, wagons, etc.

Specialty Toy of the Year

Toys from manufacturers that primarily do business through independent retailers (neighborhood toy stores, museum shops, vacation destinations and similar venues) or in limited quantities online

STEAM Toy of the Year

Toys that encourage kids to develop, strengthen and integrate skills across science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics

Vehicle of the Year

Toy cars, trucks, trains, and other vehicles in all scales, including R/C vehicles but exclusive of ride-ons


Recognizes the best marketing campaign of the year within the toy industry that effectively captures the attention of the target audience and drives sales. This marketing campaign has demonstrated creativity and innovation and appeals to a broad customer base.


Recognizes a program or campaign that demonstrates a commitment to social responsibility by supporting charitable causes, promoting environmental sustainability, or fostering diversity and inclusion to positively impact the toy industry.


Recognizes an individual who has made outstanding contributions or acted as a change catalyst to develop purposeful, environmentally friendly, and mission-driven programs that lead the way in creating a better future for the toy industry. Their efforts may include leading environmental, social, and governance efforts; promoting sustainable practices throughout their company’s operations; bolstering eco-friendly product development, and other initiatives.


Recognizes an individual who has shown a strong commitment to creating a more inclusive and equitable industry by promoting and celebrating diversity. This can be at any level of their organization, from hiring practices to product development and marketing campaigns. This leader has created and/or supported a culture that values the unique perspectives and experiences of all individuals, regardless of their background.


Recognizes an individual who has demonstrated exceptional creativity in designing packaging for toys, including originality, innovation, and iconic value. This designer has developed packaging that is both eye-catching and functional, effectively communicating the features and benefits of the toy while also protecting it during shipping and display.


Recognizes an individual who has achieved outstanding and proven results in promoting toys to consumers. This professional has developed and executed campaigns that effectively capture the attention of the target audience, drive sales, and have a significant impact on consumer engagement and brand performance.

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