Your Year-Round Donations Allow for a Quick Emergency Response

toy bank toy donationMay 6, 2024 | Last week, the Midwest was ravaged by dozens of tornadoes, leaving communities destroyed. The toy industry’s year-round product donations to The Toy Bank, a key program of The Toy Foundation™ (TTF), allowed the team to gather warehoused product and send truckloads of toys and emergency response supplies within 48 hours to Omaha, Nebraska and Sulphur, Oklahoma to impact thousands of children and families in each location.

Having a stuffed animal to cuddle or a board game to play can bring comfort and hope to children and families after such devastation. However, The Toy Foundation would not be able to quickly provide toys and other resources to communities in need without the toy industry’s ongoing support. Small, medium, and large toy companies can utilize The Toy Bank as their turnkey solution to respond to emergency situations by donating product any time of the year, to be set aside for a future crisis.

Provide play to children and families in emergency situations with a product donation.

TTF works with international relief partners to distribute the industry’s donated toys and create the greatest impact possible. These partnerships also allow your donations to be distributed with emergency relief supplies, including hygiene kits, cleaning supplies, apparel, and bedding, collected from other companies.

“When a family has lost everything, providing children with comfort and joy from a toy cannot be underestimated,” said Pamela Mastrota, executive director of The Toy Foundation. “Your support and our established relationships with relief partners allows us to deliver this support within days of a disaster.”

Through their donations to The Toy Bank, members of the toy industry have delivered the extraordinary benefits of play to 31.5 million children in need since 2003.

To help The Toy Bank continue to reach children in need, simply submit a completed donation form and the team will contact you to schedule individual or calendarized pickups. Donations of any size are accepted. In addition to toys, The Toy Bank collects new clothing, bedding, dinnerware, water bottles, and more.

Monetary donations to support TTF’s emergency relief efforts can be made online here.

To learn more about TTF and its programs, visit or contact the TTF team.