Toy Bank Offers Opportunities for Toy Companies to Support International Day of Play

toy bank toy donationMay 20, 2024 | Play is much more than fun and games, it’s an important tool for children to develop essential skills. Every child should be able to experience the extraordinary benefits of play every day – especially on the International Day of Play, taking place June 11.

In celebration of International Day of Play and to give toy companies an opportunity to work together to ensure the world’s most vulnerable children have access to play, The Toy Foundation™ (TTF) is inviting companies to donate toys to The Toy Bank. The Toy Bank delivers toys to a vast network of charities, allowing small, medium, and large toy companies to create a meaningful collective impact. Donated product will be picked up quickly and delivered to children in need around the world.

International Day of Play was recently adopted by the United Nations (UN) General Assembly to celebrate the power of play, which is a fundamental right that builds resilience, instils confidence, and helps children develop. It is a necessity to invest in diverse, inclusive, and safe play spaces, extending access to all, especially the most vulnerable and marginalized children.

The Toy Bank delivers the powerful benefits of play to children in need through a network of 3,000 qualified nonprofit organizations. Since 2003, The Toy Bank has provided play to more than 32 million children worldwide.

“We appreciate the opportunity to work with The Toy Foundation's Toy Bank and be part of industry-wide initiatives like International Day of Play to ensure the power of play extends well beyond our individual contributions, reaching children worldwide,” said Crystal Ganir, Vice President, Global and North America Head of Marketing, IMC Toy at IMC Toys US. The company recently donated nearly 600 Cry Babies baby dolls to provide nurturing play and support children’s emotional development.

In addition to delivering the industry’s toy donations, TTF is distributing The Genius of Play’s collection of four digital Playbooks to The Toy Bank’s nonprofit network. Each Playbook offers expert-curated, play-based activities appropriate for children of all ages and abilities that highlight the associated benefits of play to incorporate into their programs and share with the families they serve.

“Ensuring children have time to play and use their imaginations is so important,” said Pamela Mastrota, executive director of The Toy Foundation. “It is a necessary part of a child’s learning and development, positively impacting academic performance, social interactions, and emotional health. But every child does not have access to these benefits of play and we as an industry have the power change that.”

Product donations of any size are welcome. The Toy Bank will pick up the donation for free, provide an acknowledgement letter for tax purposes, and report back on the impact of your donation. To make a donation, complete a donation form and submit it to

To learn more and get involved, visit

The International Day of Play campaign is coordinated by a network of organizations, initiated by the LEGO Group and the LEGO Foundation and supported Hasbro, Mattel, Sesame Workshop, Eurochild, Save the Children, the Association for the Development of Education in Africa, and others. The International Day of Play aims to drive a global play movement for children everywhere, for generations to come. Learn more about how to get involved on June 11 by visiting