Toy Association & Toy Foundation Boards Deliver Joy to Children in Need

toy bank toy donationMay 13, 2024 | More than 200 children in need across the Rochester area will experience the extraordinary benefits of play from a toy donation organized by board members from The Toy Association™ and The Toy Foundation™ (TTF). The donation was a planned community give-back activity on the agenda for both boards who gathered at The Strong National Museum of Play in Rochester, New York. The Pirate Toy Fund, a local nonprofit organization, and a group of children it serves received the toy donation and spent an afternoon playing at the museum.

The Toy Association, through the generous support of the industry and TTF, is deeply committed to creating a world where every child has the opportunity to experience the extraordinary benefits of play. One way this vision is brought to life is by delivering play to children in need within communities where the Association holds its meetings and events.

“The Toy Bank is a powerful platform for our industry to deliver play through the gift of toys to children in greatest need,” said Geoffrey Greenberg, vice chair of The Toy Association Board of Directors, member of TTF Board of Trustees, and co-CEO of Just Play, LLC. “It was an honor to work with The Strong and The Pirate Toy Fund to gift toys that were contributed by Toy Association member companies to the children here. It was powerful to be a part of the moment, reminding them they are special, and to support their development through play.”

Hundreds of new toys were donated by The Toy Foundation to The Pirate Toy Fund, which is dedicated to distributing toys to children in need throughout the Greater Rochester Region. Additionally, 30 children and families the nonprofit serves explored the museum and received a new toy to take home.

“It’s magical. The toy has a power that just makes you forget about certain things in life and allows a kid to have fun,” said Otto Harnischfeger, executive director of The Pirate Toy Fund.

This give-back activity is part of TTF’s Toy Bank program, which delivers new toys donated by the industry to children in greatest need around the world. Thanks to the industry’s donations and participation, more than 31.5 million children have experienced the extraordinary benefits of play since 2003.

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