Share Your International Day of Play Company & Donation Plans with Us!

international day of play logoMay 30, 2024 | June 11 marks the inaugural International Day of Play, a celebration dedicated to the joy, creativity, and importance of play in children’s lives around the world. To commemorate the day, The Toy Association™ will be sharing International Day of Play events and initiatives happening across the toy and play community.

While play is cherished daily within our industry, International Day of Play presents a unique opportunity to unite in amplifying the message of play's essential role in fostering learning, developmental skills, and connection. Whether you’re planning a social media campaign, a donation to The Toy Bank, or an office-wide event, we want to hear about it! Every idea, big or small, contributes to the collective spirit of playfulness and recognizing its importance in our lives.

To share your play plans, simply reach out to The Toy Association’s Maddie Michalik.

Want to participate in International Day of Play but don’t know how? The Toy Association has been providing free resources from its Genius of Play initiative for play professionals to share with their networks. Previously shared digital materials for the play community include a collection of four playbooks filled with play activities for kids of all ages and interests, social media-ready assets that promote the six benefits of play, and play ideas complete with downloadable coloring and activity sheets.

The Toy Foundation™ is also inviting companies to donate toys to The Toy Bank, which delivers toys to a vast network of charities, allowing companies of all sizes to create a meaningful collective impact. Donated product will be picked up quickly and delivered to children in need around the world. To make a donation, complete a donation form and submit it to

International Day of Play creates a unifying moment at global, national, and local levels to elevate the importance of play as central to children’s learning and well-being — ensuring time to play, space to play, and support for quality play is prioritized. The international awareness day calls for policies, training, and funding to integrate play into education and community settings worldwide. Click here for more informational about the International Day of Play.