Industry Donations to The Toy Bank℠ Reach 800,000 Children to Date in 2024

family at a toy bank eventMarch 11, 2024 | The Toy Bank℠, a key program of The Toy Foundation™ (TTF), is off to an incredible start in 2024 with hundreds of thousands of toys already collected that are actively being placed into the hands of more than 800,000 children in need. Every delivery reminds these children they are loved and special, while also supporting their physical, emotional, and educational development through the power of play.

This impact is only achieved and can be sustained with the toy industry’s support. Small, medium, and large companies utilize The Toy Bank as their turnkey solution for managing inventory and achieving their corporate social responsibility (CSR) goals.

There is much work left to do, and in 2024 The Toy Bank aims to collect more than 2 million toys from at least 350 companies. Help us deliver the joy of play to more children this year with a product donation or contact TTF staff to develop a turnkey partnership.

The Pokémon Company International (TPCi)’s longstanding partnership with TTF supports the company’s overarching goal of improving the lives of children and supporting social equity, which aligns with TTF’s mission to deliver the extraordinary benefits of play to children in need. Specific to The Toy Bank, TCPi has set up a regular cadence of product donations, including trading cards, figures, plush, and more, that have directly supported 450,000 children since 2022. This year alone, The Toy Bank has picked up nearly 100,000 donated toys from TCPi’s warehouses across the country.

“The Pokémon Company International is grateful for the opportunity to give back to the communities in which it operates and spark joy for so many children,” said Raquel Daniels, chief diversity and social responsibility officer at The Pokémon Company International. “By working with The Toy Bank, we are able to expand our reach and service to families and children in need at a level we could not achieve alone, as well as advance the industry’s collective philanthropy.”

TeeTurtle creates products to help people express themselves and find a sense of belonging, and the company works with The Toy Bank to remind children who need it most that they are loved. The company has made large-size donations for several years to support their local community and manage their inventory, most recently donating 400,000 of their lovable plushies.

Year-round, The Toy Bank works with companies of all sizes to efficiently coordinate donation pick-ups and deliveries to nonprofit organizations nationwide and around the world. One-time donations can help companies clear warehouse space, manage supply chain surplus, or simplify trade show moveout. In addition to these benefits, calendarized donations can be integrated into production schedules to help reach CSR goals. Planned donations also help TTF plan the logistics in advance to ensure the donation has the greatest impact possible.

The Toy Bank is a free service to the toy industry for which donations of any size are accepted, donors receive an acknowledgement for tax purposes, and TTF reports the impact of the donations. Since 2003, 31.5 million children in need have had access to play. By uniting behind this program, members of the toy industry are creating a greater impact together.

To learn more about The Toy Bank and access a product donation form, visit