The Toy Foundation™ Secures Product Donation Channels for Maui Wildfire Relief

August 22, 2023 | In response to the devastating wildfires on the Hawaiian island of Maui, The Toy Foundation™ (TTF) has secured on-the-ground delivery partners for the toy industry to collectively support those affected with the comfort of new toys and other essential items.

To make a donation via The Toy Bank℠, complete a product donation form and send it to, indicating it is for Maui wildfire relief.

Tragically, wildfires erupted on Maui on August 8, which have destroyed the historic town of Lahaina and killed more than 100 people. Thousands remain without power and telecom connectivity, and delivering aid is an immediate priority.

In anticipation of the industry’s commitment to relieve the suffering of others and deliver the comfort, joy, and benefits of play to children, TTF confirmed two ports in Springfield, Missouri and Sacramento, California that are ready to receive product donations to transport to Maui.

TTF is accepting donations of new toys, clothing, accessories, bedding, and other essential items. To coordinate, the donating company will need to pay the shipping costs to one of the ports listed above. TTF is available to help coordinate shipping logistics as needed.

To provide financial support to TTF’s emergency relief response, donations can be made through TTF’s website (company donation here or individual donation here).

The TTF team and Board of Trustees deeply appreciates the industry’s compassion and collective support for the benefit of children in need. For any questions about TTF’s relief efforts, please contact the TTF team.