The Genius of Play™ Speaks to 300 Educators About Infusing Play in STEAM Education

the-genius-of-play-steamOctober 27, 2023 | The Genius of Play™ was featured in an Education Week webinar on October 19, titled “Joy and STEM: Igniting Creativity and Curiosity in Your Pre K-5 Classroom,” reaching an audience of more than 300 registered educators.

The Toy Association™’s Anna Yudina, senior director of marketing initiatives, was a panelist for the session and spoke about creative ways that teachers can integrate STEAM learning into the classroom. Yudina was joined by Audra Selkowitz, senior education developer at Vex Robotics, Stephanie McGary, licensed professional counselor-supervisor and registered play therapist, and moderator Ginger Teague, senior director of launch instruction at Project Lead the Way.

Yudina discussed how educators can use resources on, such as the STEAM Playbook and a dedicated section for teachers, to source hands-on play ideas, lesson plans, and more for students of all ages. She also shared methods for integrating play-based learning into STEAM education, using product examples from The Toy Association's STEAM Accreditation Program, to illustrate how toys and games can serve as valuable educational tools.

“Using play-based learning is a great way to add excitement and joy to your classroom. Toys get kids involved and passionate about STEAM subjects, leading to a joyful, healthy relationship with these disciplines,” Yudina said. “These educational products not only embrace trial and error in a secure, risk-free environment but also encourage hands-on exploration. Toys and games also empower children to relate STEAM concepts to their daily experiences, making them relevant to everyday activities.”

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