Become a Genius of Play Ambassador in 2023

gop-play-ambassadorJanuary 13, 2023 | Are you a toy professional who wants to help promote the benefits of play for all ages? If so, The Genius of Play invites you to apply for The Genius of Play Ambassador program. The deadline for applications closes Friday, March 10.

This opportunity is open to all individuals working in the toy industry who wish to support The Genius of Play’s mission, while building a reputation within the industry as an advocate for play.

Participants in the program will serve as thought leaders within their own professional networks as well as with families, educators, and other communities. Ambassadors will put Genius of Play research information and tools into action, advocating for the benefits of play and sharing their own passions and knowledge of play and toys with the industry.

The Genius of Play Ambassador program launched in 2021 and is entering its third year. The current roster of 72 active ambassadors share research, facts, expert advice, and other content provided by The Genius of Play monthly, as well as support Genius of Play initiatives, such as the launch of the STEAM Playbook.

Use this link to apply for The Genius of Play Ambassador program or nominate a candidate for the program by completing this form.

Questions may be directed to Janis Zegman, senior marketing project manager at The Toy Association. For additional information about The Genius of Play, visit