20 Years of Delivering Joy: The Toy Bank is the Leading Industry Solution for CSR and Inventory Management

toy-foundation-toy-bank-jazwaresMarch 28, 2023 | For 20 years, The Toy Foundation’s (TTF) Toy Bank program has served as a resource for the toy industry to donate toys, clothing, accessories, and more to millions of children in need. As the industry continues to evolve, The Toy Bank is changing alongside it to be your turnkey solution to manage corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs and excess inventory issues all year long.

Whether it’s one donation or quarterly pick-ups, The Toy Bank makes the process as easy as possible. Start by sending your donation information and TTF will:
  1. Schedule the pick-up with your warehouse or logistics team.
  2. Deliver your donation to children in need.
  3. Report back the impact of your donation.

The Toy Bank delivers product year-round to children affected by poverty, humanitarian crisis, and illness around the world. TTF has a network of more than 200 qualified nonprofits, NGOs, and children’s hospitals, as well as established relationships with international relief organizations and toy associations that serve children globally. By donating to The Toy Bank, companies are automatically connected to a program of scale to yield a greater measurable impact.


“Thanks to your continued donations, The Toy Bank has delivered the extraordinary benefits of play to more than 30 million children since 2003,” said Pamela Mastrota, executive director of The Toy Foundation. “Let’s work together to impact even more children in your backyard, at children’s hospitals, or living through humanitarian crises. The Toy Bank is your partner to simplify logistics and efficiently deliver the joy of play to children in need.”

Your support of The Toy Bank helps your business, the toy industry, and, most importantly, children in need. If your organization interested in serving as a sponsor of The Toy Bank, please contact TTF’s John Fistolera. A financial contribution can be processed online and product donations via this form.

Toy companies, including Jazwares, Radio Flyer, The Pokémon Company International, and VTech, are already turning to The Toy Bank to coordinate routine donations of allocated and surplus toys, plush, games, and more to one or multiple children’s organizations. Hear directly from Jazwares and Radio Flyer on their experience:

“We have been passionate supporters of The Toy Bank for years. The Toy Foundation is a true partner and collaborator to make donating toys seamless, whether it’s to children in need in the Chicago area or globally in response to a humanitarian crisis. We are excited to grow our partnership and work together on in-depth CSR reporting and employee engagement opportunities to deepen our impact in serving children.”
– Robert Pasin, Chief Wagon Officer at Radio Flyer
“We have a robust toy donation program through Jazwares Cares and in starting our year-long partnership with The Toy Bank we can make an even greater impact on children in need. The logistics of coordinating product donations across the country can get complicated. It has been a pleasure working with the Foundation as they handle logistics with ease to ensure we are delivering smiles to children who need it most.”
– Sara Rosales Montalvo, senior vice president of communications at Jazwares and member of The Toy Foundation’s Board of Trustees

To learn more about The Toy Foundation, visit toyfoundation.org.