Ukraine Relief Campaign Partner Spotlight: Convoy of Hope

convoy-of-hope-ttfMay 16, 2022 | The Toy Foundation (TTF) is continuing to distribute the funds raised and products collected from the global play community to Ukrainian children and families impacted by the war.

TTF is supporting Convoy of Hope, a nonprofit humanitarian organization with a passion to feed the world through children’s feeding initiatives, community outreach, and disaster response. Since the start of the war, the organization has served more than 2.2 million meals to more than 400,000 Ukrainians across eight countries.

“Ukrainians, a majority of them women and children, have left their homes and are either displaced in their own country or are having to flee into surrounding countries. They are vulnerable, tired, and in shock because of the chaos,” said Ethan Forhetz, Vice President of Public Engagement at Convoy of Hope.

Every day, thousands of Ukrainians wait in line together to receive a bag of food and other critical necessities, including hygiene, medical and sheltering supplies; baby care items; emergency lighting; and more from Convoy and its partners. Children also receive a toy thanks to the continued support from the global play community.

“Toys from The Toy Foundation help create a distraction and are something tangible for the kids to hold on to while they were forced to flee with very little,” added Forhetz.

In addition to delivering supplies where they are most needed, Convoy works alongside communities to identify solutions to the root causes of poverty and hunger in their communities to have long-term impacts.

In Ukraine, the war has devastated agriculture, causing shortages of food and other commodities that are affecting Ukrainians and other countries who import Ukrainian crops. In response, Convoy launched its Agriculture program in Romania, a country that has welcomed more than 800,000 refugees, to help increase food productivity with a purpose of meeting the need of the hungry that is increasing due to the war.

As Convoy keeps assisting the millions of displaced Ukrainians still in need of hope, The Toy Foundation, through the generosity of the global play community which has raised more than $3.8 million in monetary and in-kind donations to date, also remains steadfast in its commitment to helping Ukrainian children and families and showing they are not alone.

For members interested in making a contribution, monetary donations can be made here and product donations can be made via this form. Members can also reach out directly to TTF’s Executive Director Pamela Mastrota or its Director of Development John Fistolera.

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