The Genius of Play Showcases 24 Companies Promoting a Better World this Spring

April 11, 2022 | Toys are more than just fun; they can also be tools for the greater good. Now through May, The Genius of Play's “Play for Good” campaign is shining a spotlight on toys that are sustainably produced, environmentally friendly, and focus on social justice issues.

The campaign is featuring 24 Toy Association member companies on The Genius of Play’s Facebook and Instagram channels. Each post highlights what makes each company’s plaything a “play for good” product. For example, Eating in Season from Adventerra Games raises environmental awareness through play by introducing kids to the concept of seasonal eating to protect our planet, while Orijin Bees’s diverse Baby Bee Doll Collection focuses on teaching self-love and inclusion during play.

“Research has shown just how effective toys can be in helping teach kids lessons about virtually any topic, such as sustainability and diversity,” said Anna Yudina, senior director of marketing initiatives at The Toy Association. “Toys can make complicated and abstract subjects accessible to kids of all ages (even the littlest ones) and add an element of fun as kids learn, which makes them effective tools for helping instill important values like respecting our planet and each other. We are excited to help connect more consumers with these innovative products through our ‘Play for Good’ campaign.”

This campaign is a free promotional opportunity that was open exclusively to all Toy Association member companies to tap into The Genius of Play’s social media audience of parents, caregivers, and educators and showcase their playthings as teaching tools on these topics. Consumers can enter the Play for Good giveaway by commenting on a post, which helps drive organic engagement. The Genius of Play is also promoting the campaign on its website and to its email subscribers.

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