The Genius of Play Featured on “Minimalist Moms” Podcast

July 12, 2022 | The Genius of Play was featured on the “Minimalist Moms Podcast,” reaching thousands of moms aspiring to live more minimal, mindful lifestyles with resources and tips to encourage families to play together.

Anna Yudina, senior director of marketing initiatives at The Toy Association, discussed how families can utilize to source play ideas for kids of all ages and how different types of play can help instill different skills. For example, games hone social skills like teamwork and winning/losing, while pretend play helps lay the foundation for literacy development.

“Many parents rediscovered the joy of playing together as a family during the pandemic, seeing how play could be both a powerful emotional outlet and the ultimate learning tool,” said Yudina. “As families return to their normal lives this summer and their lives get busier, The Genius of Play continues on its mission to offer parents and caregivers as many resources as they need to keep prioritizing play. This podcast was an excellent opportunity to share some of these resources directly with moms while reinforcing the importance of balancing playtime with other things on their to-do list.” 

Yudina also encouraged families to listen to The Genius of Play’s free “Once Upon a Playtime” podcast on their next road trip or vacation.

Listen to the full Minimalist Moms Podcast episode here.

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