'Virtual Recess' Participants Plan to Incorporate More Play into Daily Routine

virtual-recess-genius-of-playAugust 24, 2021 | This summer, more than 100 toy and play professionals took 30-minute “play breaks” every Tuesday during the toy industry’s first-ever series of Virtual Recess sessions, hosted by The Toy Association in collaboration with Women in Toys, Licensing & Entertainment (WIT).

The weekly Virtual Recess gatherings, which were led by Genius of Play Ambassadors, allowed attendees to network with industry colleagues while taking part in fun activities that ranged from an introductory class in juggling to trivia sessions and rounds of Simon Says.

Participant Julie Belanger of Automation Alley said of the sessions: “It was a wonderful experience adding a little fun to my day and hearing about what others do for fun when the day can be a very stressful thing. Sometimes you need to remember what it was like when you were a kid when play time was all you needed."

“While the pandemic has contributed to increased levels of stress and feelings of burnout, participants reported that these play breaks offered a much-needed dose of fun and helped boost their productivity for the rest of the day,” said Anna Yudina, senior director of marketing initiatives at The Toy Association. “Our exit survey, conducted by WIT, also found that the majority of those surveyed said the sessions inspired them to continue to incorporate more play breaks into their daily routines. We look forward to future opportunities to collaborate with WIT on more playful activities and events for the toy community.”

For more information on the benefits of play at any age, visit TheGeniusofPlay.org.