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Making a Difference

Through your generous support, The Toy Foundation has been able to bring Millions of Smiles to Millions of Kids!  Below are just a few of the hundreds of touching stories that we’ve received from children whose lives have been touched by the magical joy of toys and play: 

Mika, Tommy and Lucas

Mika (age 4), Tommy (age 7) and Lucas (age 13) are brought together every other weekend by their CASA volunteer even though Mika was adopted as an infant and the other two brothers were in separate foster homes.  When their CASA volunteer brought them each a matching toy in different colors it helped them feel connected to each other in a new way.


Michelle’s suffering began well before she was born. She and her younger siblings were all exposed to prenatal drug and alcohol use, and each suffered from long-term effects. For the first 12 years of her life, she was never allowed to be a child. In foster care, small gestures like the gift of a toy mean the world to children like Michelle and her siblings.


Sandra was thrilled when her CASA volunteer arrived for a visit with toys for her 7-month-old baby girl Elise. Having spent four years in foster care, Sandra had been moved to three different homes and finally found a foster family that seemed to be working well for her and Elise. Sandra cried when her CASA gave her a hug and surprised her with toys for her, too. At 17, she was finally starting to feel that people cared about her.

Jennifer and Ben

Jennifer (age 8) and Ben (age 10) are missing the friends they used to know on the military base. While Jennifer and Ben remain pen pals with their buddies, relocating to a new home many time zones away makes maintaining friendships hard. With new toys from The Toy Bank, Jennifer and Ben are able to share something fun and exciting with each other and other kids at their mom’s new duty station. Having this connection helps ease the struggle and build new friendships.


Leslie (age 13) hasn't seen her mother since she was deployed to Afghanistan with the Army last year. Worrying about her mom's safety and praying for her safe return are engrained in Leslie's daily life. By kicking a soccer ball around outside, Leslie is able to have fun with her father, relieving stress and making cheerful memories through the outlet of play.


Jordan (age 5) is excited that his dad is home safely again from his deployment, but adjusting to new routines has been challenging for everyone. Family game nights using cooperative board games from The Toy Bank lets Jordan spend quality time with his parents and strengthen his relationship with his dad.

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