EdX Education Podcast Features The Genius of Play

July 16, 2021 | Toy professionals are invited to listen to the latest episode of the “EdX Education in Conversation with …” podcast, which discusses the work of The Genius of Play, the value of play and play-based learning, and play trends in the U.S.

During the episode, The Toy Association’s Anna Yudina, senior director of marketing initiatives, chats with EdX Education’s Heather Welch about The Genius of Play’s six-year evolution into a leading play and learning resource for parents and educators. They also covered topics ranging from the top toy trends in 2021 to how The Genius of Play has expanded its already robust library of play ideas and expert tips over the past year to provide new resources for families. This includes the Genius Play Portal, which serves as a gateway to additional resources created by Toy Association member companies, and a Cool Toy Picks page, which provides specific toy suggestions based on a child’s interests and age.

“With EdX Education serving a global audience of parents and educators, this podcast was a great opportunity to highlight the relevant work of The Genius of Play and the valuable new resources we and our members have developed,” said Yudina. “As always, we encourage our members to continue to share their own play and learning resources to be featured on The Genius of Play.”

The full episode is available on Podbean. For more information about the play and educational resources available through The Genius of Play, visit thegeniusofplay.org.